Name-Surname : Prof. Dr. Bahri ERSOY
Date of Birth and Place  : December 20, 1970, Elbistan/Kahramanmaraş,
Marital Status : Married with three children


Degree Dept/Prog. University Year
Undergraduate Mining Eng. Dokuz
Eylül University
Graduate Mining Eng., Mineral Processing Dumlupınar University 1996
Doctorate Mining Eng., Mineral Processing İstanbul Technical University 2000
Assist.Prof.Dr. Mining Eng., Mineral Processing Afyon Kocatepe University 2003
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mining Eng., Mineral Processing Afyon Kocatepe University 2005
Prof. Dr. Mining Eng., Mineral  Processing Afyon Kocatepe University 2011

M.S. Dissertation
“La2O3-Al2O3 Solution Coating on the Clay Based Substrate by the Sol-Gel Method and Production of Ceramic Membrane” (Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Volkan Günay; Note: This thesis study has been performed at Material Research Division of TUBİTAK-MAM (Turkey)).

Ph.D. Dissertation

“Investigating of the Adsorption Mechanisms of Various Cationic Surface Active Agents onto Clinoptilolite and Capture of the Non-Ionic Organic Contaminants in Liqueds by Modified Clinoptilolite” (Supervisor: Professor Dr. Mehmet Sabri Çelik)


Task  Title


Res.Assistant Mining Eng. Dept.,     Dumlupınar University 1994-1996
Lecturer Mineral Processing Program in Afyon Vocational School,    Afyon Kocatepe University 1996-1999
Lecturer  Dr. Ceramics  Eng. Dept.,         Afyon Kocatepe University 1999-2002
Assist.Prof.Dr. Mineral Processing Section, Mining Eng. Dept,             Afyon Kocatepe University 2002-2005
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mineral Processing Section, Mining Eng. Dept,             Afyon Kocatepe University 2005-2008
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Materials Sci.&Eng. Dept,    Afyon Kocatepe University 2008-2010
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dept. of  Chemical and Materials Eng., Engineering Faculty, King  Abdulaziz University 2010-2011
Prof.  Dr. Mineral Processing Section, Mining Eng. Dept,             Afyon Kocatepe University 2011-


Administrative Tasks:

Head of Departmant, 2013 -2019

Member of the Board of Directors of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences,  2014-2019

Tübitak-Bideb Advisory Board Member, 2016-2019

Member of Faculty Administrative Committee, 2013 -2018

Vice Dean of Engineering Faculty, 2011-2012

Director of TUAM (Technology Application & Research Center), 2006-2007

Co-Director of TUAM, 2003-2006.

Surface Chemistry (Surface Free Energy of Solids, Hydrophobicity, Wettability); Dipersion of  Nano-Colloidal Suspensions (Adsorption, Zeta Potential), Minerals and Materials Characterization.

Supervised Master Dissertations:
1) A. Mine ALPTEKİN, “Clarifying of Natural Stone Wastewaters by Flocculation/Coagulation Methods” 2005
2) Z.Bedriye AKDEMİR, ” Investigating the Rheological Properties of Clay-Water Colloidal Suspensions in the Presence of Inorganic Electrolytes” 2006
3) Cihad Ataman ÖZER “Examining the Relationship Between the Time-dependent Zeta Potential Change of Portland Cement and Its Setting Behavior” 2009
4) Tuğba MUCUR “Optimisation of Dispersion/Fludity Condition of Clay Slurry used in Producing of Sanitaryware ceramics  and Its effect on the Properties of Green and Fired Products” 2010
5) Zeyni ARSOY “Grinding Effects on Talc Surface Properties” 2012

6) Hakan Çiftçi “Synthesıs Of Magnetite / Modified Magnetite Nano-Particles And Removal Of Cr(Vı) From Aqueous Medias” 2015

7) Harun Reşit CEYLAN  “The Effects of Cleaning Chemicals On The Surface Properties of Marble and Granite” 2016

8) Fahri YENTÜRK “Investigation of the Effect of Difference in Particle Size of Some Pozzolinic Materials Used in Mortars on Alkali-Silica Reaction and Pressure Strength” 2019.

9) Yılmaz MERDİVENCİ “Investigation Of Electrokİnetİc And Surface Properties Of New Functional Methacrylate Polymers” 2019

10) Hüseyin ŞEN “Effect Of Contact Angle Measurement Liquids On The Calculations Of The Surface Free Energy Of Materials” 2022


Supervised Ph.D. Dissertations:

1)Hakan ÇİFTCİ “Synthesis and Characterization of Montmorillonite / Mannetite Nano-Composite as a Drug Carrier System” 2017.



Scientific Organization  Membership :
Chamber of Mining Engineers
Turkish Ceramic Association

International Journals Refereeing
Chemical Engineering Communications
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Journal of Hazardous Materials
Powder Technology
Separataion Science and Technology
Solid State Ionics
Advanced Powder Technology
Chemical Industry&Chemical Enginerring Quarterly

National Journals Refereeing
Afyon Kocatepe University Journal of  Science
Journal of Osmangazi University
King Abdulaziz University Journal of Science