Eyl 17 2012

Hakemlik Sürecindeki Gelişmelerin Değerlendirilmesi

Hakemlik Sürecindeki Gelişmelerin Değerlendirilmesi-Nasıl iyi bir Hakem olunur?
Prof. Dr. Emine Gül Kapçı

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Eyl 10 2012

Deneme Test

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Ağu 28 2012

Bio-Inspired Flight | Who Is Air Force Basic Research


Technological advances are constantly increasing human potential for developing very small things. For the US Air Force this means Revolutionary designs in future air vehicles providing war fighters with tools that enhance situational awareness and the capacity to engage rapidly, precisely and with minimal collateral damage. When it comes to improving flight mechanics in these vehicles what better place to look for inspiration than bats, birds or bugs? These natural flyers have been perfecting their flight techniques for millions of years.

In this video, meet the researchers AFOSR is funding to develop designs for flight vehicles that will have revolutionary impacts on the future Air Force.

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